Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A mysterious uncle

Last week, we gave Myers $20 to buy a new tarpaulin for his house, which as you can see is much smaller and in far worse shape than the one we're renting. The rains had been flooding his house, dampening his belongings, and causing me to wake up to fret about his well-being in the middle of the night. The first time we asked him to please sleep in one of the spare rooms in this house, he declined and appeared uncomfortable. When we asked him again, this time in the pouring rain well after dark, he accepted. I was pleased.

We asked Myers what he needed to make his house better, and gave him the $20 for a new tarpaulin he requested. But we can't just give him $20 and nothing to Talent and Diana. So towards the end of last week, I took Diana aside, told her what was up, and asked them to think about what they'd need.

What did they want? Mobile phones. Of course they do. We did some research, figured out that good, sturdy ones cost about $35, and said okay.

Only between the asking and the approval, something happened. "We don't need phones anymore," Diana told me yesterday, smiling smugly. "We have an uncle who bought us both phones. Now we want suitcases."

An "uncle"? Both of them? Are they planning to skip town? These are nice, Christian girls. I don't know what to think, but they both have new clothes and are extremely happy this week. And will be getting suitcases.

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