Monday, July 27, 2009


I've been trying to snap a photo of this copycat Red Bull add for weeks. On Saturday, driving back through an uncrowded Duwala market, I got my chance. Check out this copycat billboard for Red Bull -- I mean, Road Ball.

I've passed Road Ball a few times in the supermarkets and assumed, due to its almost flawless color matching and packaging, that it's Red Bull. But instead of guaranteeing Pamplonan levels of energy, Road Ball implies that you might play in traffic. Sticking with this inference, Road Ball's male model looks like he's being felled by a machine gun or that a football has exploded from his chest.

Puzzling? Yes. Consistently amusing? Most definitely.


  1. helllooooo commenters come on post something! it's really nice for these guys to know people are reading their stuff, and it's the only way to get more writing out of them. stop lurking

  2. Thanks for that. Next time I see you, I buy you a beer. I'm posting a bunch of stuff from last weekend in an hour or so...Stay tuned!

  3. Yes, completely bizarre. I wonder who painted that.


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