Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The eggs had eyes

I'm sorry. I don't want to gross people out, but my secret fear of using eggs from the chickens in our backyard came true this morning as I stood cracking eggs into the pan for breakfast: the eggs had eyes.

I broke one, and then the other into a bowl (which I do now, as at least half of the commercially-bought eggs here have yolks that stick to the shell and worry me). It was good that I did that, because in fact, the eggs were not eggs at all. They were half-formed baby chicks. With a
visible placenta. And eyes.

The fact that I probably just made you squirm in your chair and make a face at your computer makes me feel better, because I had my own moment of gross-out which resulting in burning the toast. Breakfast became a much-scaled back occasion that originally planned. I think, for awhile at least, we're sticking with just the toast.

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  1. Grossness!!! Can you float the egg in water before you cook it? I think if it floats/or sinks it's good and if it doesn't than it isn't. The only problem is I forget which way it goes.


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