Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I let them think it's karate

These are the children I've been teaching yoga to on the beach in Robertsport. I wanted to wait until the NGO is established, we have a space and some props, and I could approach the local school about integrating yoga into their physical education curriculum. Instead, I have a determined following of young boys who track me down whenever I'm solo on the beach and look up at me expectantly. "Will you do training today?" they ask. Even if I'm about to get in the water, the leash already on my leg, I never tell them no. 

Here's the thing: they think it's karate. "Yoga. Yo-ga." I tried to tell them the first time, then figured when they joined me in natarajasana that we had more important things to do -- like tree, all the warrior poses, wheel and crow. The addition of a few kriyas -- fast-paced and highly energizing movements -- only solidified their certainty that I am an expert trainer.

Of course, as we progress, they might start to understand that I am not actually teaching them how to fight each other, but the opposite. Then again, maybe not. They're eight year-old boys and they think it's awesome when an adult engages with them. Plus, they see quite a few surfers doing sun salutations before catching awesome waves, so of course they think it's cool. Is it so important that they know the difference between Ha Kriya and a warm up for kung fu?

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  1. Very nice... You'll have a whole gang of karate kids to watch your back on the beach. Bet they feel pretty special.


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