Friday, July 31, 2009

I like Liberian food.

Moving to urban Monrovia lead to a surprising discovery: I really like African food. The girls at the E.L.W.A. compound house who used to make us lunch just couldn't cook. We now live about 200 meters from the World Bank, UNICEF and WHO, so the neighborhood is surrounded with middle-class Liberian restaurants serving a wide variety of local food. Goat soup with dumboy, a derivative of fufu, is Nate's favorite. I like potato greens with fish and rice. Sure, we both pick around the bones and don't let pieces of meat with skin bother us. This food is good.

My favorite African restaurant is the African Food Center in Robertsport, just over the bridge in Grassfield. It's run by two round and happy women who are always a bit surprised to see us and happy to serve us food. They serve chlorinated spring water, which I've little by little sipped to increase my immunity to local bugs. So far, no worries. When I took these photos, I was so hungry and pleased with my potato greens and fish that I forgot to take photos of the food. Look at how bright and clean the restaurant is instead.


  1. look forward to seeing food pics. so is it better than tz munches?

  2. I miss mandazi, chapatis and chai, samosas and ugali with sukuma wiki. They have doughnuts here (called "sweet balls") and there is a wide spectrum of soups to serve with rice or different kinds of fufu. My favorite so far: potato greens with fish and rice, pepper soup with fish and rice, and ground pea (peanut) soup with fish and rice. To try: eggplant soup with fish and...rice.

  3. Yes - very clean. Doesn't look like there are many flies either. What a miracle!

  4. Do they have that salty, red, fish, chilly sauce that you guys brought back from Ghana last time? For some odd reason, I really liked that.


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