Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scholarships for surfers

A friend of ours is starting a small business, selling t-shirts to schools and using a percentage of the profits for student scholarships. It's a great idea, and one that Nate and I are appropriating for Robertsport Community Works. 

We've been thinking about how to sponsor Liberian surfers in a way that builds their leadership skills, environmental awareness and community activism. Peter Swen and Alfred Lomax, Liberia's best surfers at 18 and 20 respectively, are both still in high school and frequently mention the stress of having coming up with school fees. Even once fees are paid for, there are transport, uniform and school supply costs to attend to.

I'll be speaking to administrators at Peter and Alfred's schools to get a better idea of costs, but selling shirts that directly benefit them and promote Liberian surfer is a great project for us to get started with. We'll be selling Surf Liberia t-shirts for $10 and figuring out in the next week or so how to ship them to the States. Rashguards are next.


  1. sweet design. if there are some confused Americans in the readership who think that elie is misplacing patriotism, the Liberian flag is exactly like the one in the graphic, only in the blue box is a solitary white star.

  2. Glad to hear it. Seems like their flag still tells the history of US colonialism all too plainly. Angola's flag does that too in its colours and symbology.


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