Monday, August 3, 2009

Campsite tour

Since I'm always referencing Robertsport and the campsite, I thought I'd show you what it looks like. This is me walking on the road after the turn-off from Nana's Lodge.
This is a grove of trees just across the boundary of the land. Most of them are mango and coconut, so it's where the kids who bring us fruit on the weekends go climbing. Even at midday, it's shaded and quiet - the perfect spot for practicing yoga.
When you walk down the path for a little, you get to a grove of almond trees under the giant cotton tree. This is where the tents for the campsite are pitched, with almonds scattered in the sand and sometimes falling into your lap. Here, you can just make out Nate drawing a tree map with young men from the community. That's Alferd Lomax, Liberia's most famous surfer, turning and making shaka signs for the camera.

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