Friday, August 14, 2009

Surf Liberia hits the racks

So, our Surf Liberia shirts are ready, with 100% of profits going to the Surf Liberia Scholarship Fund. Read all about the scholarships on the Robertsport Community Works website and order a shirt! Here's the low-down:

Nate and I wanted Robertsport Community Works to support and grow local surfing, but also to innovate a model of surf sponsorship that is healthy and productive. I have nothing against throwing money at worthy young people, but I want our influence in the community to be more productive than that. Here's the plan.

We pick the best and most promising surfers in Liberia. At the moment, that's Benjamin McCrumuda, Alfred Lomax and Peter Swen. Then, we work out a contract with them that's mutually beneficial for us both. So far, this means we contribute to their school fees, help them get surf equipment and meet them bimonthly to talk about their personal and professional goals.

In turn, they contribute 50% of the income they earn from surf lessons, wear our Surf Liberia rashguards and board stickers when they surf, and attend Robertsport Community Work events like the monthly Beach Cleanup. They also agree to be good role models in and out of the water.

The photo of Peter, above, was taken as soon as he saw the shirts, and he's been wearing them everytime I've seen him since. He wants to be a criminal lawyer, and when I was talking to him this afternoon, I let him know that if he works hard and surfs well, we might be able to help him with that.


  1. I love you guys are working - so much creativity. I can really picture you and Nate getting to know people and gaining their trust. It's inspirational bibti! I love the shirts! How much are they? How much are surf lessons? I may need some...

  2. The shirt just arrived in the mail! It only took two weeks. It looks marvelous! I cannot wait to wear it and buy more!

  3. Aha, now I know how to make the real tea. Thanks for the recipe! And do count me in for a supply of the sea-green "Surf Liberia" Ts. M


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