Monday, October 5, 2009

I lied.

When I said I wasn't sure I wanted to live in Robertsport, I lied. It's perfect here. I wake up at dawn, eat cornflakes and drink sweet milky tea, do a little yoga to wake my body up and surf for a few hours in the morning. Around noon, I come back to the lodge, supervise lunch and about an hour later, come up to the tent to start working.

I'm gradually assuming communications and project plans that relate to Code LLC, Nate's consulting company, so I work for a few hours online, writing documents, tracking emails and also keeping on top of projects and progress with Robertsport Community Works -- which is now being features on Fuel TV and National Geographic.

Before sunset, I go back down to the kitchen, get Tina and her crew chopping, prepping and mixing, and organize dinner being set out. When it starts to get dark and they kick the generator on, we dance hesitantly to West African music -- we're just getting to know each other.

In the evening, Nate and I eat outside and share a beer, walking up the hill to our platform tent and closing the canvas against the stars. Of course I want to live here.


  1. What a lovely life you have built for yourself. Lovely imagery. Send us the link for Fuel TV and National Geographic.

  2. Sounds magical indeed! You have beautifully intertwined so many parts of your life and applied them to Liberia in a new and beautiful way. Code LLC, now what does that decode as? Mom


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