Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A thousand words

Photo courtesy of Sean Brody.

Less than six months after the move from NYC to Monrovia/Robertsport, Liberia, here we are. Fit, tanned, happy, riddled with chronic GI infections (see? it's not all glamorous!) and constantly debating whether or not we should take cipro. I digress.

The community are a constant presence at the campsite where we stay for half the week, coming to sit on our 'African bench,' as it is proudly called. Why buy plastic chairs when Ben can make a bench that seats five out of local wood and rattan? They also take over the hammocks we recently put up, and we laugh together when the recycled fishing nets we use to tie the hammocks to the almond trees splits and breaks, leaving the hammock occupant looking surprised, with one half of their body angled towards the ground.

By the way, this is the best surfing bikini I've ever owned and is made by a small Australian company called Hive Swimwear. They deserve a shout-out -- I've never had an issue with them coming off in the water, no matter how spectacular the wipe-out.


  1. Elizabeth and Nate, What a fantastic foto! I love it..And indeed you guys are glowing. It makes my heart warm to see you guys so happy. Big hugs, Mom

  2. I love that photo. You have a wonderful life over there. Could you put up more pictures of the campsite? It seems like it has had improvements. That would be cool to see.


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