Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting better all the time

Nate and I resorted to second-line antibiotics to knock our typhoid, and the zithromax seems to have worked, for which we are grateful. Thanks to all the concerned readers who send their well-wishes and concerns.

We did get some great check-in phone call from our peeps in Robertsport. The most unexpected was from Augustine, the sometimes cantankerous and curmudgeonly manager of the bar and restaurant at Nana's Lodge. Augustine is one of the few people in the community who have a phone, and when I call him asking to speak to people, he'll sometimes call them over and then hang up on me, to punish them for something they've done that has vexed him. I always call back and we pretend it hasn't happened.

We also had a string of phone calls from Jerry, one of the men who silk-screens our African T-Shirt Company merchandise, and Emmanuel, the entrepreneurial young man who sells DVDs outside the Abi Jaoudi supermarket on Randall Street. They were kind.

Next post will be on this weekend's 1st Annual Surf Liberia Contest, which was a great success...

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  1. I am SO glad you have a bit more energy. Did you try Fred's suggested coconut husk concoction?


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