Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ghana snacks

As we drove from Accra to Ho and Hohoe in the Volta Region, we crossed a pretty cool bridge--a modernist, metal structure that spanned the Volta River and disappeared into jungle on both sides. This being Africa, I did not photograph it. I did, however, stop to buy some tasty snacks from eager vendors on both sides.

The vendors had fried oysters (overcooked and rubbery--I tried them at a rest stop later), fried shrimp and fried 'one man thousand'--tiny little fish that would almost be invisible were it not for the crusty skin of coconut oil coating them. In fact, everything but the shrimp was fried in so much coconut oil that I couldn't really enjoy it, but the shrimp--black-eyed and crunchy--were quite delicious, and I snacked on them as we wound our way up to Mountain Paradise lodge.

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