Friday, January 22, 2010

Kids yoga supplies arrive in Liberia! Best ever!

Thanks to wonderful Shari at Karma Kids Yoga for sending me this awesome care package, full of yoga mats, pom poms, puppets, clown noses and everything else essential for teaching yoga to kids affected by conflict. As you can see, opening it was incredibly fun.

These props are in the secret goody bag (secret because you're not allowed to look inside it and you never know what the teacher will take out) of every good kids' yoga teacher. Is the class uppity and a bit highly strung? How about a game of Toe-Ga, where you pick up pom poms with your toes and put them in your own bucket? Are your kids not totally engaged with your jungle yoga adventure? How about lion, zebra and giraffe puppets to accompany the poses? Not to mention what happens when you do pranayama with pinwheels...Let's just say I've thought about bringing the same props to my adult classes. I'll let you know how that works out.
The best part? This February I start teaching yoga at Second Chance--my friend's holistic center for young men and women diagnosed with trauma. We'd been stressing about finding mats (enter providence, a la Karma Kids) and now I have the props to make sure yoga is not all serious and silent (including face paint, pipe cleaner flowers, maracas, the list goes on...). This is really, really good.

A big shout-out and thank-you to Karma Kids--if you live in New York and have--or can borrow--kids, you need to take them to their 14th Street studio for some serious yogalicious fun. Shari, Jess and Amanda--I miss you!

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  1. Go Elie! That is awesome! It was good to see how that means to you.


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