Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years in Robertsport

Nate and I got back from Ghana on New Year's Eve--in time to jump in the car and head to Robertport for a small beach party to bring in the New Year. There was lots of South African brandy, impromtu jumps in the impossibly clear ocean, and enjoying the blue moon.

Although there are quite a few checkpoints (three major ones, two little ones) on the way, we've never yet given anyone the "weekend" or the "something" they request, but we did decide to be generous on New Years. Well, generous and opportunistic--since we threw a Ritco (aka Liberian "hootch") party last summer, we've had about 30 bottles of the stuff (Night Train Express, Waist & Power, African Bitter Wine) sitting around and we thought it would be fun to hand it out. So we did.

"What is this?" a police officer asked us at the first checkpoint as we handed him a bottle for each of the men on duty that night. "Wine?" Waist & Power is often seen as a male tonic of sorts, so we worried for a second that the policemen would take offense, but who takes offense at being given alcohol on New Years? Exactly.

Now that it's dry season, the water is so clear you can see every little rock and crevice. This freaked us out on New Years morning when we went for a surf at Loco's--one of the rockier points--and saw what we were surfing over. Huge, giant mossy boulders, bigger than my bed. When you put your head under water, you can hear the lobsters and fish munching around them. I've started falling like a flying squirrel now, arms and legs wide to stop myself from hitting the bottom. And we're bringing diving goggles for the lobsters next weekend--we plan to eat them.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading.

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