Monday, February 1, 2010

(Eating) barracuda

Photos courtesy of Tamar Losleben.
A few weekends ago, we were chilling at the campsite watching the fishermen pull in a particularly good catch when a young man came up in a wheelbarrow. With a four-foot barracuda in it. Having just bought a nice rosy grouper for $8 and already planned how to cook it for lunch, we were not really in the market for another freshly-caught fish.

But when someone comes to you with a four-foot barracuda, it tends to change your mind about a lot of things. Most pressingly, should this become my new Facebook profile picture? And what are we going to do with all this fish?
Of course, we bought the fish. For $22, after having photographed ourselves holding it and using it as a weapon in various different ways. The fisherman was amused, and Sam--our Chief of Security and the Community Chief's son--took the occasion to comment on Nathaniel and my way of doing things, in general. Apparently, we are very chill and respectful, which is good to know. We'll keep it that way.

Lucky of us, since my stint cooking at Nana's, I've assumed the occasional use of their fridge and freezer for just these kind of situations. You know, when a man brings a four-foot barracuda to you in a wheelbarrow before lunch. So, the new campsite security cheerfully skinned and chopped the fish into manageable pieces about the size of a 2-month old puppy. We took one to A.B., the Project Leader of the monthly Community Beach Cleanup and the proud father of a new baby girl he named...Elizabeth. We grilled giant barracuda steaks for dinner with coconut cream sauce and rice. We put the rest of the giant hunks of barracuda--or 'cuda' as it's called here--in the freezer and took it back to Monrovia.

This might have to become a habit.

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