Saturday, February 20, 2010

Solomon did not get seeds

March is planting season here, and I'd like to bring some people in Robertsport packs of seeds they've asked for. I sent Solomon to find the price of tomato, cucumber, okra, collard greens and hot pepper seeds. Only I sent him over a week ago and he's not yet gone to ask.

On Friday, I told him this was the only thing I expected him to do all day. Yesterday we went out to Kendeja and the airport. He had the day off. I saw him just now, and he had it on his list again for today. "Why didn't you do it Friday?" I asked him.

"Oh," he said. "I was washing my clothes."


  1. Perhaps he really was washing his your first blog on Solomon, he did recieve accolades for being so presentable...

  2. eh ma peepole I miss Liberia......


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