Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thai food in Monrovia

Last week, I sent out an email to our surfers list asking if anyone wanted to have a Thai dinner catered by my multi-talented hair dresser. Within 24 hours, we had that many people signed up. I was a little startled that what I'd figured would be ten or twelve people was now, with +1s, turning into a surf party. Luckily, a friend of mine has a pool on her compound and agreed to host, making organizing infinitely easier.

Last night, we had our Thai food, spread banquet style for two dozen people. The caterer came with a list of eight dishes, including green papaya salad and shrimp in green curry, that was half in Thai. It was delicious, delicately spiced and impressive. Here's the menu. I know it's sideways--just tilt your head a bit. I've edited it twice to make the rotations save on Blogger, and the bloody thing's not working. Anyway, you get the idea.
I can't wait to try more of what Addy can make--more red, green and yellow curries, more seafood, more noodles, maybe also I am also slowly convincing him to come and cook at Tides on Thursdays. Imagine Thai food every week? Exactly.


  1. Please tell me where he is cutting hair...the place I was going is no longer he doing Thai massage also?? Thanks dear!

  2. The menu selections sound delicious! Nos 6, 7 an 8 are still a little mysterious. M

  3. Addy comes to the house to do hair cutting and Thai massage, and cooks for groups of 10 or more. He's at 06-471-115. Enjoy!


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