Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Body, mind and spirit

I've been running around getting stuff for the bar and working lots, so I'm going to do yoga instead of blogging. I'm starting my practice by reading this excerpt from yoga teacher Seane Corn's article about her trip to Uganda to advocate for maternal mortality.

I wanted to share it with you because it suits where I'd like to take my practice in the days ahead. Take what you like and leave the rest.

"We invoke into our hearts and into this space the God of our own understanding, be it our higher power, the creative conscious, Mother Earth or the Holy Mother herself. We welcome this essence and grace into our being. May it infuse our practice and this day with the love necessary to make our work meaningful, potent and beneficial for all beings."

"We ask, dear spirit, that our judgment be transformed into understanding, our resistance into surrender and our fear into faith. May we stand in our power and create space and opportunity so that others may stand in their own. May we stay heart centered and available to all the people we meet and greet them with openness and a willingness to share ideas and experience without judgment, prejudice or fear. Expose our assumptions and limited beliefs so that we may grow, and give us the strength to acknowledge these limitations without shame."

"May this practice be blessed and may the vibration that exists within each of our hearts be offered outward into this community and our universe as a prayer for healing, unity and peace."


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  2. Elizabeth...Thanks for sharing this...I looks like this practice can be universally used for our life's work. M.


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