Monday, March 29, 2010

A few more weeks, I swear

Since Joe first started telling me, "Elie, I'm going to give you a bar," back in late October, I've been telling people we'll open "in a few weeks." It's almost April, though, and I'm still saying it.

Still, it's only this week that Nate and I became partners with our investor. The new collaboration has inspired a lot of movement. And so--"soon." Here's the logo with our colors, evocative of sunset and bright ocean. Below are some photos of the deck taken by my friend Heidi, who just moved back with Nicholai to Ocean Beach. (We miss you!)

So here's the view from the deck--you can just see West Point and the Free Port in the distance. The banana tree was put in water to add some greenery and I am sorry, but did not survive the next day's heat. Please also forgive the lapa print of this particular set of chairs. It was a mistake.

Here is Nicholai enjoying a drink and looking out to the ocean, where Mamba Point would be breaking if there was massive rainy season swell. Note the blue-and-white lapa prints on these chairs, which are as intended.

Here's the view of the cliff side of Mamba Point and a bit of West Point as well. The smoke you see could be diesel fumes, but is likely burning plastic. Ah, Monrovia. But pretty, no?

More photos when I document ongoing work and construction this week. It's fun.

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