Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kimchi, for reals

I've loved kimchi since I was a child in Nairobi, where we bought jars of it from our local Korean restaurant and I'd sneak into it on the sly after school, dipping my fingers into the brine and finishing it straight from the fridge. There's something about probiotic food--maybe it's sourness, maybe a slight fizziness I detect on the top of my tongue--that I'm crazy about; it's the same with yoghurt and kombucha. Kimchi, with calcium-rich cabbage as its base, is a particular favorite.

As part of my recipe-testing extravaganza for Tides, I came across a recipe for it that didn't look hard, so I decided to try it. And although it's fermenting faster than it would in temperate climes (it's a cool 90 degrees with crazy levels of humidity), it's working. I'm so happy about it, I had to share. Next up, kombucha--if only someone will send me some culture...

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