Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Mamba Point Salad Obsession

I have to admit that, in the last month, the biggest strops I've had have been over lunch. More specifically, over being charged $14 for a small lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad. For some reason, this makes me very, very angry.

Maybe it's because I resent being overcharged for items I know cost less than $3--imported lettuce included. It's also because of the total lack of creativity. I'm happy to pay $14 for the well-dressed grilled calamari salad at Royal Hotel: it comes with sesame seeds and steamed broccoli. But a small bowl of lettuce with cucumbers and tomato? At two separate locations, I have refused to eat for a few minutes while I fumed at my unenthused vegetables, muttering into my napkin and probably embarrassing Nate, who at that moment seems strangely fine with everything. I get over it, but it has put me off going out for lunch.

Until today, when Nate and I arrived at Mamba Point hoping to order a quick pizza now that Mona Lisa closed down (fellow Funrovians--what's up with that?). Instead, we got sidetracked by the $15 salad buffet: a shared large bottle of water with fresh limes, cake, coffee or tea afterwards, and a spread--let me tell you. There was a shrimp salad, a chicken salad with papadams, a tuna salad that included celery, cut apples, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, roasted garlic and (canned) hummus and (canned) baba ghanoush--don't get me started about the canned stuff. There were bread rolls with single packs of butter. And it was good.

Really good. And I'm really happy about it. Like, borderline obsessed.


  1. u should try the crazy salad at the sushi restaurant in mamba point, its totally worth it.

  2. Haha. At least you have these choices!
    Drives you nuts though: imported lettuce and canned cheese (etc.). In the most productive climate in the planet??? Nah, instead lets use this near-perfection growing environment to churn out rubber products and palm oil... Great idea.


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