Friday, April 16, 2010

Overheard in Monrovia: 1

When I lived in New York, I spent a good deal of time (at work, as you do) obsessed with reading Overheard in New York. The past couple of weeks have had some funny and strange things said around me, so I thought I'd share.

I'm planning on making this a regular share, so you expats: if you feel like contributing, shoot me an email. Don't forget a clever but anonymous handle.

"I was lying in bed and my skin was over-plus. I became helpless."
--Solomon, describing his typhoid and malaria overnight.

"This boy is doing nothing! You need real assistance. I will help you."
--A 20-something amputee on crutches directing us out of our parking spot on Randall Street, trying to take the job from the grey-haired and uniformed security guard whose job it actually was.

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  1. “Seriously, I will blow you very hard.” – Overheard in Kombo, Gambia between two very angry men.

    “Ehe, the man with no legs can really dance.” – Overheard in Kampala at Obligatos Nightclub, as a Polio cripple did a spinning headstand in the middle of the dance floor.


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