Monday, April 5, 2010


We're making great progress on Tides, with multiple teams working on different aspects of construction. It's really coming along, so I wanted to share some photos and an update.

Below are Nate and a friend of ours entering from Johannesen way--the road loops around Mamba Point from UN Drive and turns into Waterside. The entrance will be painted in Tides colors and filled with large palms, vines and places to hang kerosene lanterns in the evenings (don't worry, we'll have real lights too). It will also provide a place for drivers to drop people who stay dry when it's raining before they park along the street nearby.Ah, the wonders of bamboo. Below is my bamboo kitchen. It's made entirely from local bamboo and--get this--put together with bamboo nails. Cool, eh? We'll wipe it down and disinfect it regularly so it stays dust-free and dry. To me, the open kitchen is a social, confident thing--people can stick their heads in and see what they're up to. Also, I'll easily be able to socialize and see what's happening at the bar. A better tour of the kitchen when it's finished.
To the right is Varney, with his assistant, Morris. They're Robertsport men, brought in by Nate and I to speed up construction. The other carpenter, as you'll see, is working on the roof.
Here's the carpenter, building a frame for water tanks on the roof. This way, the kitchen, bar and bathrooms will be supplied by gravity. He also built a nice step-ladder that we'll have to keep guests from using to get an even better view.
This is West Point, one of Monrovia's better-known slums and home to the fishing community we watch sail their boats and cast their nets during an evening of sun-downers. I tried to capture the children playing in the water--they're tiny, almost invisible specs, so it will have to wait for someone else's camera. The ocean gets rough here and I've rarely seen children swimming. These children all swim together in a laughing crowd and it's fun to watch them from our deck.
You can see how quickly it's coming along. More soon!


  1. Looking good! What color scheme did you choose? When's the opening? I should print these out for Fred to see. I love all the bamboo work.

  2. What are you guys doing there?? Wow, that's one of my favourite spots. Is Dorothy's orphanage still there, just back up towards where the left hander kicks off? I always wanted that apartment overlooking that left (I was staying a place just up the hill, towards that spooky abandoned hotel on the hill, with a view over the point kinda).
    Godamn i'm jealous!


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