Friday, May 7, 2010

My phone's contact list

Largely because I'm hiring for Tides, I sometimes get 20 phone calls a day. Many of them are from strangers who have called me before about something I'm meant to follow up with them about, so I save them in my phone with names that remind me of who they are and why they're calling. Here are some examples of what I have saved in my contact list:

Annoying Tides
Club Joseph
Comfort Massage
Elizabeth Tailor
Frank Welder
Inappropriate Tides
Loretta Clean
Miata Great Wall
Musa Sofas
Napolean Ministry
Peter Glamour
Son of Sam
Sumo 2nd Chance
Zigna Wants Job

I've also met a Specialean and a Sackoline. If anyone knows the etymology of these names, please send me an email or comment below. I'm interested!

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