Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rubber smells *disgusting*

We were driving back to Robertsport, minding our own business, when we smelling something foul. So foul that the whole car recoiled in disgust and instantly went about guessing what it was that could smell that bad. I suggested a dead goat. A fellow surfer sitting the back seat suggested sewage. But as we drove, the smell didn't dissipate. We began to panic. It was a toxic, nausea-inducing smell, as if an entire village of sheep had decided to get dysentry and die in the sun.

Then, we saw the trucks. Truck after truck of what we learned was rubber--because we asked a group of checkpoint policemen why everything suddenly smelled like noxious death. As you can see below, the rubber does kind of look like jiggling meat. Eww, right?

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