Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tides is almost open

It's been a month or so since I've posted photos of Tides and since then, we've made tremendous progress on the place. So much progress, in fact, that we expect to start serving...well. Email us if you'd like to be on the list for one of the speakeasies we're opening with. (Better to open quietly, for friends, over a week or so than to have one crowded, overwhelming party where the staff go into meltdown, no?)

This is what you're looking at below: Mirrors line the entire area behind the bar, so you can still see the ocean when you're having drinks. See the bamboo bar stools? Anyaa Vohiri is doing all our bamboo furniture, including the bamboo work you see in the kitchen on the next shot. Notice the thatch work on the roof--and the tarpaulin that's covering us until next dry season.
The kitchen island, where we'll do most of our prep. The kitchen looks small in comparison to the bar, until I remember that this island is 13 feet long.
We started looking around for sinks, there weren't any suitable commercial kitchen ones around, so I had some made. I downloaded specs from the Internet and had a welder make them from sheets of steel. They look good, right?
I'd say there's about a week to go--maybe less. See you when we open!


  1. Awesome! We were wondering how the progress was going. Looking good. Praying for you both as you shoulder more & more to get it up & running.

    We just unpacked all our books and files in the new office at the church. (Third office since we started.) This time we are set hopefully for a little longer period.
    God's blessings, Doug

  2. It's looking great! I love the bamboo furniture and the mirror reflection of the beach and especially those red sinks. Do let us know what you serve for your soft opening. I know we'll see some special fotos of the event!

    Congratulations...It's happening! M


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