Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coca Cola's 'Quest' commercial for the 2010 World Cup

Image from YouTube.

I thought I'd transcibe Coca Cola's inane World Cup commercial 'Quest', animated to K'Naan's 'Waving Flag', to see if it makes any sense to anyone. I have seen it probably one hundred times, and the "he was rocked by strangers" part still weirds me out.

Narrated in a South African accent, I think:

"This is the story of a boy who didn't know how to celebrate, so he set off on a quest to find his own celebration. He flew like a plane. He fought against robots. He was rocked by strangers and crossed oceans. And then, after climbing mountains of celebration, tired and thirsty, the boy nearly gave up. [Cue a rock giant handing the boy a Coke bottle.] Until he realized that the only place he needed to explore was inside himself."

I like the animation, but WTF does that even mean? Watch the whole thing here.


  1. Wild card ..but do you think maybe its connected to 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho ( instantly thought of that when I saw reading what you wrote...So Coke is using the boom in the new age search for self-actualization to sell its product? Basically joining the current marketing band wagon..

    The ad would have been much better without the commentary..the animation and music would have spoken for themselves..Pepsi beat them this time( i guess is just consistent with every other upside down stat in this world cup!

  2. Hi, a colleague of mine recently shared his interpretation. Here it goes.

    The your guy represents African soccer players who started there career in thier home countries before seeking the golden fleece ( find his own celebration. He flew like a plane). In their sojourn, there faced challenges, then success and were celebrated by thier fans overseas(strangers). They then discovered that what they were looking for is actually right where they started off (hence the return to Africa for the world cup). The robots, strangers etc came along too representing the convergence of all countries for the first time in Africa to watch the boys show thier skills/represent thier continent.

    This is purely a colleagues interpretation, i was in fact searching for the real concept behind the advert, then i came accross your blog.

    Thank a lot.


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