Friday, June 18, 2010

How to run a bar with a kitchen (in Liberia), 1

1. You are going to need pens. A lot of pens. In fact, stop reading this and go out, buy 5 boxes of Bic black ballpoints, mail them to me, and then come back. Then make sure our waitresses don't "borrow" (I was going to write steal) them. Chase said waitresses, however, and they sweetly remind you that you left your last pen by the stove, where it is slowly melting.

2. Although, because you have a large team, you will not have to do any chopping, it will still take a long time. Jobs are hard to get here, everyone is eager and no one wants to fuck up. Expect this and do not try to rush it.

3. Bars are fun. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Seriously.

4. People like what you're doing, but they don't want to hear about your tamarind prawn marinade. (That's you, lucky reader, right?)

5. It is always okay to go to bed, as long as you've send all the staff home first, the gas is off and the kitchen is clean.

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