Monday, June 7, 2010

Liberian Artist: Alfreda Ocar, dollmaker

This is Alfreda, who is rather famous in Liberia for her handmade dolls. Alfreda can ship orders to the US using the Liberian Postal Service and can take orders at or by phone at +231-656-7696 or +2310693-2296. Enjoy her work!

Pounding fufu:
Selling fish from a basket:
Carrying firewood:
On the river:

Carrying the sick:

Here are a few of her Christian-themed sets.

The flight to Egypt:

The African Arc:


Full Nativity:


  1. Beautiful pix, Elie! I am eager to see some updates of the restaurant as well. So excited to hear that the ice cream machine came back to life. Any similar luck with the dustbuster?
    Love to you both!

  2. Those are awesome figures! Does she make cooking scenes? Where does Alfreda live in Liberia?

  3. Those are really fantastic!

  4. Elizabeth, I love the dolls and them scenes. They'd make great Christmas gifts or anytime of the year. Thanks for introducing Liberia's artists..Hope to meet them. Big hugs, M.


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