Friday, June 4, 2010

Liberian Artists: Geneka Gibson, painter

When speaking with and taking photos of Geneka Gibson's work at the U.S. Embassy Summer Craft Fair, I totally forgot to get a picture of him, I was so eager to capture 'The Rice Harvest,' below, on film. I could see it's colors all the way from where I was sitting with the Women's Sewing Co-op.

Geneka Gibson's artworks are available from him directly at +231-77-207-493 or He is happy to ship to the States and receive payment for his paintings via Western Union or something similar.

'The Rice Harvest'

'(Abstract) The Creek in Guokpo'

'Market Day'

'After the rainfall in Zordee'

'(Abstract) Colors of the Rainbow'

'From the Creek'

'Daily living in the village'

'Guokpo Village'

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