Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tides: The art of the speakeasy

The Prohibition-style speakeasies in New York were one of my favorite places to hang out. I confess that when we wanted to start Tides without being entirely ready, the idea was to have a secret drinking den deep in the heart of Monrovia. Actually, the easiest landmark to describe exactly where we are is the "yellow skips for the dirt." If you live here, you'll know what I mean.

Anyway, we did open Tides as a speakeasy. It's open for friends as we train our staff, figure out how to cook twelve orders on two burners of a broken stove, vie for fridge space and decide which coconut seller is the most reliable. When we open properly, Tides will be a bar-with-food, one of those places you come after work and dance after midnight. I know one or two places like that in New York, and I think Funrovia could benefit from the same.

So, this is my way of saying come on over if you don't mind that we haven't got enough furniture: we're making pretty good drinks. And by the sound of it, good food too. I'll be posting pictures and profiles of the place when we're ready to open.

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  1. Awesome! There is a speakeasy right near my work in Queens. Wish I could come over after work and sip a cool drink while watching the sunset across the ocean.


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