Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How the Sewing Co-op spends their money

For their bulk order we're sending out from the Co-op next week, we decided to take a group photo. Three of our tenured members were missing, but here we are (the sun was bright: we normally look much better than this):

Top row (left to right): Bendu, Matilda, Tina, Jenneh, Matilda, Botoe, Josephine, Famatta, Rose and Ma Bendu

Bottom row (left to right): Musu, me, Jebbeh

If anyone is in Liberia and would like to take more professional photos of the Co-op for their new website, please let me know. We could use them.

I also asked the members of the Sewing Co-op how they're spending the money that they're earning through the project. Here are their answers...

“With my sewing money…

* I was able to invest in my own video club business.” –Miriama
* I was able to send my children to school.” –Matilda
* I built my house.” –Ma Bendu
* I was able to start my own fish business.” – Rose
* I was able to start selling scratch cards.” –Bendu
* I am doing a crab business” – Tina
* I am building my house.” –Jenneh
* I was able to open by own bank account.” –Josephine
* I am saving my money.” –Botoe
* I am going to built my own house.” –Jebbeh

Cool, eh?

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