Thursday, September 2, 2010

Excerpts from the Current Gratitude List

#3 Two Chinese women give $30/hour massages at Glamour Salon beneath Tides. They have a strong massage table, use scented oils and it's a wonderfully relaxing experience. It's worth the effort to get an appointment. I highly recommend.

#7 I can get $7 pedicures at Glamour Salon beneath Tides and order grapefruit juice and soda--my new favorite at the bar. Service to the spa is a little slower than upstairs, but it's worth it. Way to feel pampered!

Glamour Salon and Spa, beneath Tides
077-093-236 / 06-413-197

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  1. I'll try it by all means when i come to monrovia. It's a good info for me. Thanks.


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