Thursday, October 28, 2010

I love Tides.

We're a strong team at Tides now, with two additional members of the management team. It means now, instead of all decisions being made by Nate and me, plus our investors when it mattered, we're now a handful. Each of us has something we like to do best and are looking forward to doing things together.

Speaking for myself, I'm quite looking forward to making crab and pork dumplings a la Chinatown in NYC. I want so desperately to write "soup dumplings" -- if we manage that, it will be quite the achievement.

It's a wonderful feeling to have assembled such a strong team and to be in a place where we're working together, managing our collective priorities and sharing our vision for Tides. As we work together to create long-term management systems, we're also hiring new staff. If anyone knows of a strong and experienced kitchen manager, preferably a woman as our kitchen is 100% women, let me know.

Here's a new waitress studying our drinks menu before opening time:

If you're in Monrovia, come to our Halloween costume party tomorrow! DJ Raed, a special live performance by MC Digga, and the scariest shots in Monrovia...

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