Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodbye to Tides

We want to inform our friends and customers that we are no longer involved in Tides in any way. After appropriating our ideas, our management practices and our investment capital, our partner expelled us from our home and the business.

We greatly enjoyed hosting you and getting to know you at Tides and we appreciated your business and friendship alike. We are surprised and disappointed at what has happened, but are deeply appreciative of the friends (and customers) who have helped us through this transition.

We look forward to seeing you at other bars and restaurants and perhaps at a new establishment of our own soon ; )

It was fun while it lasted!

-The Tides team


  1. so sad to see this made so official. you created a wonderful space with amazing energy. you will do amazing things with your next endevour as well

    the only person to have gotten married at Tides

  2. Shocked and Saddened to hear this. I hope you do move onto your own establishment soon.

  3. Sorry! You guys deserved much better treatment for all the work you put into that restaurant and into the community. Let's hope that what goes around comes around.


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