Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mama Liberia sends 2,000 bags to a Milan conference!

The Mama Liberia Sewing Co-op just exported its third bulk order of conference bags, this time to Milan.

The order was their biggest yet--2,000 bags! They've been sewing since October to meet the order, and I'm proud to say that their quality control has improved considerably. This used to be one of our biggest hurdles, and out of 2,000 bags, we only found 13 that needed to be returned to the Co-op!

After almost two years of my leadership, I've been slowly pulling away from the day-to-day management of the group, encouraging them to meet and make group decisions without me. I'm happy that they like to have me around, but they don't need me anymore to do their work. They do still need me to manage their sales, though--which I'm grateful for, as I'm not quite ready to let them go. I'll be running the new website, marketing and advertising, and coordinating orders with them for--I anticipate--the next couple of years, as they learn the computer skills and business know-how to do this on their own.

In the meantime, the Co-op is introducing a new item to its repertoire: hand-sewn duvet/comforter covers--a step up from traditional quilts that our market research indicates will sell better than their more traditional counterpart. We'll also be launching our website any day now, so stay tuned if you want to order a duvet cover! 

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